Do you want Fiona Xie to return to MediaCorp?


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- updated 12.08.10

May 12, 2010

Do you want Fiona Xie to return to MediaCorp?

We have new poll for everyone to voice out their opinions!

Do you want Fiona Xie to return to MediaCorp?

Please kindly vote your thought and vote for Fiona Xie to return!

We have a new Facebook page Join if you want Fiona Xie back to MediaCorp!

May 10, 2010

Polls Results regarding Fiona Xie

If you have noticed, the polls are closed.

How's Fiona Xie's prospect in MediaCorp?

Good - 134 (69%)
Bad - 60 (30%)

Out of 194 votes, 69% of the voters think that Fiona Xie has good prospect in MediaCorp. She is talented and well-favoured by many viewers in Singapore, including of people from all over the world. Isn't all the shows about viewership that all people want to see the gorgeous Fiona Xie? Her prospect in the showbiz is obviously good.

Should Fiona Xie quit?

No - 78 (74%)
Yes - 27 (25%)

Out of the 105 votes, 74% of the voters think that Fiona Xie should not quit MediaCorp. Since she has such good prospect in MediaCorp and so many fans waiting to see her in the television and in all live performances, she shouldn't have quit!

Which is the best word to describe Fiona Xie?

Sexy - 316 (55%)
Hot - 249 (43%)
Gorgeous - 196 (34%)
Beautiful - 187 (32%)
Cute - 165 (29%)
Bitchy - 127 (22%)

Out of 568 votes, 55% of the voters think that Fiona Xie is sexy. Indeed she is sexy! She looks young like a teenager even though she has passed her twenty. We purposely placed an option of "bitchy" in the poll and it appears that the poll results fall into our expectation. The group of people who think negatively of Fiona Xie's appearance is too minor.

Thanks for all the votes! If you would like to find out more about how others think of our gorgeous and sexy Fiona Xie, do drop us an email at welovefionaxie at gmail dot com.

May 6, 2010

Chen Hanwei talks about Fiona Xie

"He revealed that former colleague Fiona Xie, despite looking like a wild child, had on countless occasions expressed that showbiz is not for her, and that she prefers a stable nine-to-five job."

Source: XinMSN

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We Love Fiona Xie Wan Yu
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Simplified Chinese: 谢宛谕
Pinyin: Xiè Wanyù
Profession: Actress, Host, Model
Birthplace: Singapore
Race: Chinese
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Birthday: January 24, 1982
Star sign: Aquarius
Chinese zodiac: Dog
Blood type: A+
Blog: Fiona Xie's Blog

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