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Dec 18, 2009

Help Needed: Fiona Xie in 8-Days Magazine

Can anyone scan or take photos of the latest Fiona Xie's appearance in 8 Days magazine and email to us at welovefionaxie at ?

Nov 21, 2009

Poll Closed: Should Fiona Xie quit?

Should Fiona Xie quit?

Yes - 75 (26%)

No - 213 (73%)

73% of the voters think that Fiona Xie should not quit, and hence, proving the popularity of Fiona Xie is high.

We can't change the fact that most people love Fiona Xie and her performance.

Nov 13, 2009

Fiona Xie returns as stuntwoman on the big screen

SINGAPORE : Actress Fiona Xie may have completely disappeared from our radar since pulling out of Channel 8 year-end blockbuster “Together” in July, but not for much longer.

The 27-year-old, who plays a stuntwoman in upcoming martial arts movie “Fist of Dragon”, is expected to show up for publicity events when the film by Malaysian director Michael Chuah opens in June next year.

The Malaysian director, who also stars in the movie, expressed that he was shocked when he first heard of Xie’s sudden disappearance. However, she was very professional on the set and never once did a disappearing act, he said.

In the movie, Xie plays Singapore comedian Henry ‘Alamak’ Thia’s daughter, a feisty and aggressive stuntwoman who is being coveted by triad bosses.

Though Xie has little experience in movies, Chuah was impressed by her performance and had enjoyed working with the actress. Unfortunately, they did not keep in contact after filming wrapped.

“I’m not sure if she intends to quit showbiz and I have no idea about her future plans. Nevertheless, I still hope that I will be able to invite her for our publicity events when ‘Fist of Dragon’ screens in Singapore in June,” said the director.

“She’s got great potential and it would be a pity if she quits showbiz.”

“Fist of Dragon” which costs some US$1 million to make, is a co-production between Singapore’s Fusian Media and China’s Desen International Media in association with Malaysia’s Evo Pictures.

Source: Channel News Asia

Oct 25, 2009

New Poll: How's Fiona Xie's prospect in MediaCorp?

How's Fiona Xie's prospect in MediaCorp?

Will she be given better roles in future?

Cast your vote on your vision!

Oct 13, 2009

Fiona Xie - Singapore Flavours

fiona xie - wan li xiang

fiona xie cooking

Channel U

节目名称: 万里香
Title: Singapore Flavours

演员 / 主持人 Cast / Host:
Fiona Xie , Chen Hanwei 陈汉伟 , Dennis Chew 周崇庆 , Mark Lee 李国煌

播映日期与时间: 10月13日起, 每逢星期二,晚上8:00
Show Time & Date: Premieres 13 Oct, Every Tue, 8pm

集数 / No. of Episodes: 10





An all-new variety programme, makes its way around the globe to bring viewers at home, Singapore Flavours, the way they are appreciated abroad and how these flavors are attuned to foreign taste buds.

These favoured cuisines such as chilli crabs, Hainanese chicken rice, laksa and nasi lemak, are great reflection of our multi-racial heritage and have been greatly enjoyed by overseas populace. The four lively hosts - Fiona Xie, Dennis Chew, Mark Lee and Chen Hanwei, play food detectives and take off individually in search of these migrated delicacies.

Be it at eateries, restaurants, home kitchens or supermarkets, the hosts scoop and taste the popular dishes that thrive across different continents. These places include Tokyo, San Francisco, Beijing, Shanghai, London, Mumbai, Calcutta, Adelaide and Thailand. Cuisines are found to have morphed with different culinary cultural influence to suit the different palates of the overseas residents.


Oct 9, 2009

Tay Ping Hui's Reply regarding Fiona Xie

There's a rumour that Fiona Xie is pregnant, and you're the dad. True or false?

Really?! That's a new one. She's pregnant? Well, I'm not the father, that's for sure. What's it got to do with me? That's so weird. She has her lifestyle, I have mine. She parties, as far as I know. I don't party. We don't contact each other ... how's it possible that she can have my baby?

Source: Channel News Asia

Sep 5, 2009

Fiona Xie did not quit?

谢宛谕没辞职 新节目考虑用她当主持

fiona xie picture










他说:“昨早有记者打给我说,谢宛谕辞职你知道吗?我只是说,I won’t be surprised(我不会惊讶)。”他也澄清:“我没有说她辞职,也没有说过知道她辞职的事。我还说,接下来还有艺人辞职也不奇怪。”



Thanks to J.L.W.S for the update.

Sep 4, 2009

We Miss Fiona Xie

Wherever she goes, whatever she does, we will still love her.

She will come back one day...

If anyone has any words for our dear Fiona Xie, do email us and we will post the messages up!

Sep 2, 2009

Princess Fiona leaves the Hill

Posted: 02 September 2009 2202 hrs

SINGAPORE : A Princess has left the Hill. Singaporean actress Fiona Xie has reportedly relinquished her crown and quit showbiz.

According to a Singapore Chinese daily, Xie, 27, has officially resigned from MediaCorp.

This comes as no surprise as resignation rumours had been circulating since the first half of the year. And the actress' last minute withdrawal from upcoming Channel 8 blockbuster “Together” - she had "urgent personal matters" to attend to - only fuelled speculation further.

While Xie did not emerge to make any clarifications about her shocking withdrawal, she continued working, jet-setting to Tokyo and Los Angeles to host a food programme.

Filming has since completed and Xie has gone MIA (missing in action) once again.

Celebrity hairstylist David Gan who learnt about Xie’s resignation two weeks ago, said many artistes choose to leave because the opportunities for growth and development here are limited.

“I was very sad when she broke the news to me, after all it is difficult for an artiste to make her mark here. Though I can’t bear for her to go, I want her to be happy and wish her the best,” said Gan.

- CNA/il

Related News
Fiona Xie puts to rest resignation rumours
Eelyn Kok fills in for Fiona Xie in 'Together'
Fiona Xie pulls out of blockbuster drama 'Together'


好友证实 谢宛谕已辞职



Aug 30, 2009

Poll: Which is the best word to describe Fiona Xie?

Which is the best word to describe our princess?
Cute, Gorgeous, Hot, Sexy, Beautiful... What else?

If you are a Fiona Xie hater, we do give you chance to rant as well.

Vote at the left side of the blog!

If you have other words to describe her, do let us know via email or blog comment, and we will include them into the next poll in future.

Aug 20, 2009

Poll Closed: Which male celebrity is most comparable with Fiona Xie?

Which male celebrity is most comparable with Fiona Xie?

Results as of 20 August, 2009:

黄俊雄 Elvin Ng 15% (124 votes)
张耀栋 Zhang Yao Dong 12% (102 votes)
戚玉武 Qi Yuwu 10% (80 votes)
李南星 Li Nanxing 8% (68 votes)
翁清海 Vincent Ng 7% (60 votes)
王禄江 Bryan Wong 7% (57 votes)
郑斌辉 Tay Ping Hui 7% (57 votes)
葛米星 Gurmit Singh 6% (46 votes)
李国煌 Mark Lee 6% (46 votes)
许振荣 Dasmond Koh 4% (33 votes)
李铭顺 Christopher Lee 4% (31 votes)
陈汉玮 Chen Hanwei 4% (31 votes)
王田裁 Thomas Ong 3% (27 votes)
曹国辉 Terence Cao 3% (25 votes)
陈之财 Edmund Chen 3% (21 votes)
苏智诚 Cavin Soh 2% (14 votes)
周初明 Chew Chor Meng 2% (13 votes)

Total Votes: 835

It seems that Elvin Ng is the most favoured male celebrity through the poll, followed by Zhang Yao Dong. We will have another round of poll soon, but before that, do let us know what other male celebrity would you like to vote.


Aug 16, 2009

Poll: Should Fiona Xie quit?

Should Fiona Xie quit and change her career?

Should she leave all her fans and admirers?

Should she leave the messy playground?

Do take part in the new poll on the left before it ends.

Tell us how do you feel here!

Poll closed: Do you love Fiona Xie?

Results as on 16 August, 2009...

Yes 82% (688 votes)
No 18% (146 votes)

And yes, most people love our gorgeous Fiona Xie!

Aug 15, 2009

Site Maintenance

We are moving towards the Blogger Layout using our current design. The final product would be a more interactive website for all Fiona Xie's lovers.

You will be missing some features and links during this period from now till early evening (latest targeted time). Do stay tuned.

Jul 22, 2009

Request for interview with Fiona Xie's fan

Dear fans and readers,

Just a quick update. A journalist from Singapore Press Holdings has requested for a representative from Fiona Xie's fan club for an interview on how friends and fans are wondering and worried about her disappearance. I have sent an email to the chairperson of the fan club, Xueting, and the final decision for the ideal person will be left to her.

Meanwhile, if you have any feedback or comment, do email us and we will post them up here.


Jul 17, 2009

Fiona Xie quitting MediaCorp? - Friday, July 17

Headline: Withdrawal sparks suspicions
Rumours are flying that Fiona Xie may quit MediaCorp after she pulled out of a drama at the last minute. »Pregnant?


Sexy Princess of Caldecott, Fiona Xie, surprised co-actors and media yesterday morning at the lensing ceremony of MediaCorp's blockbuster Together, when it was announced that she has pulled out of the drama at the last minute.

Her artiste manager quoted "personal reasons" for Xie's withdrawal, but cast and production crew later divulged that Xie has actually previously expressed her worries about the negativity of the character, and also wondered if she was competent for it.

While the real reason of Xie's withdrawal has not been divulged, several speculations have arisen. There are rumours that say she may have terminated her contract prematurely with MediaCorp and even leave the local entertainment scene altogether. According to sources, her contract will only end next year.
It is also said that she has offended a producer and was thus put in cold storage by the company, resulting in less TV exposure and thus not being among the Top Ten Most Popular Female Artistes in the recent Star Awards.

Others say that Xie, who has always prioritized romances, is pregnant and has to leave showbiz temporarily. However, there are also some who think that Xie is hoping to develop her career overseas in the movie industry. She made her debut silver screen performance with Rule #1, and has recently wrapped up shooting in the movie Fist of the Dragon last month.

According to a reliable source, Xie has no plans to terminate her contract with MediaCorp, but is currently working out a new format for cooperation.

On constant pursuit of reporters, MediaCorp artiste management cannot emphasize enough that Xie has withdrawn for "personal reasons" but is unable to comment on the rumour of the early termination of her contract.

Admin: We believe Fiona Xie would not terminate her contract because she loves her job and fans.

Jun 30, 2009

Do you have a Facebook account?

No? You must be living in the 90s...

Join us at our Facebook Group today!

Spread the words...!

Jun 24, 2009

Fiona Xie at Driving Ms Foodie 驾车找吃路

Video uploaded by Youtube user - Ddesire22.

节目名称: 《驾车找吃路》
Title: Driving Ms Foodie

演员 / 主持人: 许振荣
Cast / Host: Dasmond Koh

播映日期与时间: 6月10日起, 星期三, 晚上8点
Show Time & Date: From 10th June, every Wednesday 8pm

Mediacorp Channel 8 new variety show. Dasmond Koh will be driving a different female celebrity each week on a food hunting trip.

Jun 16, 2009

Jun 12, 2009

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Jun 6, 2009

TrueHearts - Fiona Xie's charity appearance

Fiona xie true hearts

节目名称: 公益献爱心
演员 / 主持人: 权怡凤, 林启元, 苏智诚
播映日期与时间: 6月7日,星期天,晚上7点, Toa Payoh HDB Hub(现场直播)

Title: TrueHearts
Cast / Host: Quan Yi Fong, Lin Chi Yuan ,Cavin Soh
Show Time & Date: 7th June,Sunday,7pm “Live from Toa Payoh HDB Hub"

6月7日星期天 晚上7:00





罗志祥, 张清芳, 汤兰花, 叶振棠, 瑞恩,鐘琴, 郑各评, 戴阳天, 洪赐健, 唐育书, 谢宛谕, 杨志龙, 李腾, 袁帅, 陈泰铭, 郭舒贤, 刘玲玲, 红毛派, 欧萱, 苏智诚, 田铭耀, 郑荔分

S$ 5 – 1900 112 8805
S$15 – 1900 112 8815
S$35 – 1900 112 8835






May 29, 2009

Fiona Angelic Official Fc launching

Fiona Angelic Official FC will be launching 2nd, 3rd and 4th meeting.

1st meeting date:
Venue: Lot One Mac Donalds (Choa Chu Kang MRT station)
Date: 02/06/09 (Tues)
Time: 8pm to 9pm

2nd meeting date:
Venue: Toa Payoh HDB Hub Burger King ( above Toa Payoh MRT station )
Date: 06/06/09 (Sat)
Time: 4pm to 8pm

3rd meeting date:
Venue: Toa Payoh HDB Hub Burger King ( above Toa Payoh MRT station )
Date: 07/06/09 ( actual date of charity show ) (Sun)
Time: 3pm to 6pm

please bring along S$20(including of membership for a year, club tee)we will be issuing a receipt to you on the day that you register with us. club tee is not done yet, once done, we will inform you again.

you can make it either one of the two days.

**Those who have missed last time Launching, now it is a Good Chance for you all to make payment.. Don't missed it anymore... And join Fiona Angelic fc..

May 27, 2009

Fiona Angelic Fans Club (宛谕天使后援会)

Calling all Fiona fans;

Fiona Official Fans Club had set up & had changed NEW name, as "Fiona Angelic Fans Club"..If you all all the while like & support Fiona, please join her fans club.. Any news or updated of Fiona will be seen at this fans club blog: &

And I heard ytd they launching Member Drive, there is only 1 fan join for her fans blog.. I hope that in future, there will be more & more fans join her club.. Even I was not Vice Chairman anymore.. But I believe that Fiona fans club will grow more & more..

Lastly, just want to thanks everyone for all the while support Fiona & work team with me. Really Apppreciate..

Love; Joey Chan

May 19, 2009

Tagboard's URL Warning

Dear readers,

While the site grows richer in contents and the presence is more widely spread, it has also attracted more spammers and spambots.

Please be reminded not to click on any URL posted at the tagboard. No responsibility will be taken by us.

- Admin

May 16, 2009

Fiona Xie 8 Days Magazine - 14 May 2009 - Issue

fiona xie 8 days cover
Cover page.

fiona xie 8 days 1

fiona xie 8 days 2

fiona xie 8 days 3

Can anyone kindly scan the 8 Days magazine and email to us? A scanned copy would be much clearer..

May 2, 2009

Change of Our Email Address

Dear Fans and visitors,

If you have noticed, we have changed our email address since two weeks ago from fiona.xie.82 at gmail dot com to welovefionaxie at gmail dot com.

We have changed the email so that:
1. It's clearer that we are Fiona Xie's fans and not her
2. It's easier to remember

Please kindly drop us emails at the new email address, however, please do not publish the email address elsewhere.

We strongly welcome you to send us:
1. Feedbacks about the site
2. Your comments about Fiona Xie
3. Messages for Fiona Xie
4. Fiona Xie's pictures, videos and others
5. Fiona Xie's news

- Admin

Apr 28, 2009

Encouragement for Fiona (from Joey)

Dear Fiona ,

Even though you didn't get into the Top 10 but at least you were the top 20 . (: And apart from that , you were one of the actresses that wore a super beautiful dress that day ! You really look amazingly awesomely fantastic that day . I really hope that you do not quit mediacorp because i really hope to see you act again in a show . Just wanted to let you know that all your fans , including me , will be supporting you all the way . Stay strong . :D

♥ Joey

Apr 27, 2009

Any word for Fiona Xie?

Dear Fans,

If you have any word of encouragement for Fiona Xie, or if you would like to express your comments on the Star Award, please kindly drop us an email at welovefionaxie at gmail dot com.

Please also include a name or alias that you would want to be displayed in your email, and we would be glad to post your message up here.

- Admin

A little encouragements to Fiona Xie's fans

Thanks to whoever has voted for Fiona Xie. Although she did not manage to get into the top 10 in the Star Award 2009, her high popularity is obvious to everyone.

Many girls adore her, while guys go crazy for her; She's definitely one of the hottest topics in Singapore.

Let's wait for the next year when we can witness her stand on the stage to collect what she has deserved - medals. Meanwhile, we should pray hard that she can get more good roles in Mediacorp.

Fiona Xie, we love you!

Apr 26, 2009

Vote for Fiona Xie!! Last Day!

Tonight is the day...

Vote for Fiona Xie!

Dial 1900-112-2036!

Show her you love her!

Prove it!

Apr 20, 2009

Fiona Xie Official Fan Club, FINALLY!

We are proud to announce that Fiona Xie's fan club is being set up!

To be part of the cool team, please kindly email your particulars to

Your particulars:
Contact No:

For more information, do visit the fan club's blog set up by the founder, Xueting, at

Apr 18, 2009

Star Award

Please continue to vote for Fiona Xie at 1900-112-2036 !

Apr 11, 2009

Fiona featured @ U-Weekly this week

fiona xie - u-weekly
^ the cover page of U-Weekly this week

fiona xie - u-weekly
^ Translation: "Fiona said, I've offended the backstage workers of Channel 8"

fiona xie - u-weekly
^ the main report

fiona xie - u-weekly
^ Translation: "I'd rather have nothing than to beg for a show"

fiona xie - u-weekly
^ Translation: "I've always offended the backstage workers of Channel 8, I don't play to play office politics, nor do I like to call EPs for me a have a role to play in like what others do. Doesn't mean that , I'll have to follow what people are doing"

That's basically the whole part of the report, Fiona saying the reason why she was casted in any of the shows for a year. Also, the talk was about "Kang Chengxi 江成熹, whom U-Weekly said that he pulled down Fiona with his 'suai-ness' after getting no roles like Fiona after 'Just In Singapore".

Do get a copy of this week's U-Weekly if you want to know more & what did Fiona say.

Apr 3, 2009

Fiona Courts Event (04/04/2009)

Fiona will be having an event at Choa Chu Kang Lot 1 courts, 6pm this coming Saturday 4th April 2009.

Do drop by if you are free.

21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #03-01 Lot One Singapore 689812

Tel: 1800 2226868

11.00am to 10.00pm

Apr 2, 2009

半年没工开 谢宛谕暗示要退出娱乐圈

picture of fiona xie

























●5频道《Sense of Home》单元剧

●5频道Lonely Planet Bluelist: Best In Asia主持人





●服装Heroic Rendezvous


Apr 1, 2009

March Results for "Most Popular Princesses" is OUT Now!!!!

March Winner: Fiona Xie(谢宛谕).

"Which 7 Princesses is the "Most Popular Princess" at the moment?" is Fiona Xie(谢宛谕).

Here are the vote percentage and results:

WINNER: Fiona Xie(谢宛谕) 51% (315 votes)
2nd: Rui En(瑞恩) 33% (200 votes)
3th: Joanne Peh(白薇秀) 16% (100 votes)
Total Votes: 615.

You can also check the results at our "Polls Archived" section.

We would like to thank everyone for your participation, by voting on the poll and showing your support on our blog here... without you, this wouldn't be a success.

We will have the same contest on Tuesday (April 7 2009)... do come back and vote again for this month April!!!!

So now we will put up Fiona Xie(谢宛谕) photo at the sidebar same as the "Princesses Of The Month" for the next few weeks till the next contest comes....

Mar 27, 2009

Star Award Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

Hello guys!

Here is a good news!

Fiona Xie is nominated for Top20!Call 1900-112-2036 to support her now.
Voting starts today, 27/03/09 till 26/04/09, 9pm.
The results of the Top 10 will be revealed during the Star Awards 2009, 26 April, 7pm ‘Live’ on Channel 8.

Call now to support Fiona Xie! More details, visit

Mar 24, 2009

Fiona Xie, Ben, Zzen @ Bugis for I-weekly

Fiona Xie (谢宛谕), Ben Yeo 杨志龙 & Zzen (章缜翔) at Bugis Junction for I-weekly 15/3/2009.

Credits: Youtube User - cherry3344

Mar 22, 2009

Hey Gorgeous Final - West Coast Plaza

Event: Hey Gorgeous Final
Date: 07 March 2009
Venue: West Coast Plaza
Judges: Daren Tan, Fiona Xie, Nat Ho

Credits: Youtube user - karenngml

Fiona Xie - Most Beautiful Asian

Youtube picture video by Darren.

Mar 20, 2009

Fiona Xie's BHG event

Place: Bugis Junction, BHG Level 2
Date: 21 March 2009
Time: 3.50pm

Thanks Xue Ting for the update!

Mar 16, 2009

Fiona's Currently Leading!!

As seen above, Fiona won the 1st stage of Most Popular Princess over @, all thanks to Fiona-ticians (a new name that i use to call Fiona Fans) !!!

She'll be in the finals on 24 March 2009 - 31 March 2009.
So, Fiona-ticians, keep on voting for her. Also, all can call as many people as possible to vote, as it is gonna be 'Single Votings method'.
So, we can't keep on 'spamming' the polls.

Once again, thanks for the great efforts

Mar 12, 2009

Fiona Xie's Appearance on I- Weekly Event

Event: I- Weekly
Venue: Bugis Junction.
Date : Sunday, 15th March, 2009
Time : 2pm - 4pm
Artiste Appearance: Fiona Xie, Dai Yang Tian, Alan Tern, Priscelia Chan, Belinda Lee, Patricia Mok, Ben Yeo

Go & Support Fiona, if you guys free..
She will be happy to see her fans there..

Mar 11, 2009

Fiona's Latest Buzz


事源当年某晚,有个寻星节目录影完毕后,公主与工作人员也各自离去。同事刚走不久,就接到FIONA的S.O.S电话,说她被困停车场了。开始还以为是疯狂粉丝所为,后来才搞清楚是怎么回事。原来FIONA 刚考获了驾驶驰照,就很HIGH地驾了她老爸的豪华轿车到公司录影,没想到却不晓得如何把车开出地下停车场。


Aiyoh, just got news that Princess Fiona Xie will guest host a new foodie show with Dasmond Kohon Ch 8…some ‘driving around to look for makan places’ sort of a foodie show. My colleague’s first reaction was: “Huh? Can she do it?”. Nothing to do with her ability as a host but…

There was a night just after the recording of a talent search's show… After leaving MediaCorp, my colleague received a S.O.S call on her handphone from Princess Fiona saying she was ‘trapped’ in the MediaCorp’s car-park. My colleague initially thought it might be the ‘works’ of some fanatic fans…but found out that it was not lor… Princess Fiona just gotten her driving license and she happily driven her Dad’s car to MediaCorp and forgotten how on earth to drive it out of the basement car-park!

My colleague guided her step-by-step out of the car-park and since Princess couldn’t recognize her way back home, she ended up trailing behind my colleague’s car who snailed-driven it back toFiona's home. Unless she has already become an expert in driving, it must be a crazy idea to put her behind the wheels again…haha…

Fiona Xie pictures - Armed Forces Job Fair - 2

fiona xie army job fair - 9 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 10 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 11 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 12 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 13 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 14 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 15 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 16 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 17 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 18 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 19 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 20 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 21 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 22 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 23 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 24 - from xueting

Another set of Fiona Xie pictures from Xue Ting.

Mar 10, 2009

Reply to Zhen Hao on New Fiona Xie Website

Hi, i am known as ZH.

I am not sure if you would actually like to combine force and make up a new FC for Fiona. But the benefit of combine force would be much better.

Things will be more easier, but it also difficult to combine forces.

Because we are still not sure, which is the official FC and who is the president.

So yeah. Anyway we don't have much time left. As Star Awards is coming soon, we need to gather all the fans that we know that can vote for Fiona.

So yeah. I have actually done up the website, just some touch-up and editing. I can actually release the webs already.

Sorry for my poor english, as i failed my english. But i hope you understand what I wrote. :D

Dear Zhen Hao,

Thanks for your thoughts in doing up another website for Fiona Xie. I’m sure she would appreciate your efforts.

If you want a combined force, would be pleased to have you and other fans to help out in updating our website; anyone who can prove his or her sincerity would be given the chance.

If you do a search for Fiona Xie in Google, appears on the second, a position below Wikipedia (at current point of time). Its takes quite some time and definitely lots of efforts to achieve that. I mean, you do not worry about gathering the fans because they probably would have dropped by this website.

With the approaching of Star Awards, we would be encouraging the fans to vote for Fiona Xie. After all, those fans who are willing to do it would have voted without any persuasion.

By the way, in our previous reply/entry for Ben, we have mentioned that Fiona Xie does not have an official fan club yet. Therefore, please do not trouble over who is the president or which is the official fan club, because they do not exist at this moment.

Do not worry about your language because it is not as bad as what you think.


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We Love Fiona Xie

Fiona Xie's Fan Site

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Fiona Xie's Fan Site

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Fiona Xie's Fan Site

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This is Fiona Xie Wanyu fan site. We share our hot, sexy, cute, feminine and gorgeous Fiona Xie's latest and old videos, pictures, gossips, news and information. Are you her fan too? Join us!

Since this is a tribute site to Fiona Xie, we would appreciate your assistance to help us with updating of the contents by contacting us with her videos, pictures, news and profile. We hope to be the greatest Fiona Xie's resource gathering site (inclusive of all old and new resources).


We Love Fiona Xie Wan Yu (谢宛谕) team do not claim to own the pictures and videos of Fiona Xie, unless indicated. This is just a fan site of Fiona Xie and does not own by Fiona Xie personally.

However, if you own any of the pictures and wish to take them down, please contact We Love Fiona Xie Wan Yu (谢宛谕) team.

Fiona Xie's Fan Site

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