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Apr 26, 2008

Fiona Xie in Style Magazine April 2008 Issue - Pictures

Fiona Xie in Style Magazine April 2008 issue cover page
(Cover page)

Fiona Xie in Style Magazine April 2008 issue - 2

Fiona Xie in Style Magazine April 2008 issue - 3

(Photos are taken by camera - Sony Ericsson K800i)

Sorry for the late update. We have got this april issue of Style magazine specially for Fiona Xie at the beginning of this month but due to time constraint, have not uploaded them until now.

If any of you owns the copy and have a scanner, do scan the pictures and mail them to us.

What do you think of Fiona Xie's fashion in this magazine? We especially love the third picture. Hope you have enjoyed viewing and admiring them.

Apr 24, 2008

The Princesses and the Dude Recaps

Recaps of all princesses, from ep 1 - 8.
欧宣 (Jeanette Aw) - 玉女公主
谢宛谕 (Fiona Xie) - 妩媚公主
芮恩 (Rui En) - 性格公主
姚懿珊 (Deon Yeoh) - 可爱公主
白薇秀 (Joanne Peh) - 阳光公主
陈凤玲 (Felicia Chin) - 人气公主
刘芷绚 (Jessecu Liu) - 娴静公主
范文芳 (Fann Wong) - 百变啊姐,魅力非凡

Apr 23, 2008

The Princesses and the Dude Episode 2 – Fiona Xie

You can get to see Fiona Xie dance, hear more about her wearing style and also, see her in her gorgeous and hot dresses.

Apr 22, 2008

《扮美达人》The Princesses & The Dude Picture Video

"Street Smart Fiona Xie"

1. Celine Jessendra School of Performing Arts
177B Goldhill Centre Thomason Road

2. The Link
#02-02 Mandarin Gallery Orchard Road

3. Egg 3
260 Chiat Road

4. Miu Miu
#02-45 Paragon Orchard Road

Apr 21, 2008

Paige Chua's (蔡琪慧) Experience with Fiona Xie while Filming

"Fiona Xie is very hyper… Fiona Xie is an English educated actress and that causes lots of laughers"

Apr 20, 2008

Fiona Xie - Lime Magazine April 2008 Cam Pictures

Fiona Xie Lime Magazine April 2008 picture 1
(Cover page)

Fiona Xie Lime Magazine April 2008 picture 2

Fiona Xie Lime Magazine April 2008 picture 3

Fiona Xie Lime Magazine April 2008 picture 4

Fiona Xie Lime Magazine April 2008 picture 5

These pictures are taken using digital camera and thus, may not be very clear. If you have the same Lime magazine (April 2008 issue), please kindly scan them and send them to us.

Apr 19, 2008

Just in Singapore (一房半厅一水缸) Last Episode (Episode 30)

Episode 30 Part 1:

It starts with the main theme song, “屋檐”. Huang Wenyong and Fiona Xie are having conversation. Fiona Xie tells Wenyong that Hong Hui Fang has offered her three million dollars. Paige Chua, Hong Hui Fang, Kang Cheng Xi go to Mediacorp to watch Fiona Xie’s singing competition. Pagie Chua and Hong Hui Fang show Kang Cheng Xi the recorded conversation of Fiona Xie when Fiona Xie mentioned about accepting the three million dollars in exchange to leave Kang Cheng Xi. MC King and Apple Hong finally start to ignore Li Yin Zhu’s empty threats.

Episode 30 Part 2:

Patricia Mok and Nelson Chia empty the large ceramic water vat which is filled with poo. Meanwhile, Fiona Xie starts to sing in her most gorgeous outfit, being the sweetest girl in the world. Kang Cheng Xi is watching Fiona Xie’s performance at a big screen in a shopping centre instead. While Patricia Mok and family are moving the water tub away, Li Yin Zhu has a stroke and the two families share the same lift. Li Yin Zhu spots the water tub but is unable to communicate to them. After some guessing inside Huang Wen Yong’s cab, they finally realise the location of the water vat.

Episode 30 Part 3:

The organisers screen out the full family photographs of Fiona Xie, which include Paige Chua and Hong Hui Fang smells something fishy and gets pissed off. Kang Cheng Xi sees the photograph as well and realises Fiona Xie is doing everything to help her sister, Paige Chua. Cheng Li Ping gets down to stop Patricia Mok and her family from bringing the water vat away. Just then, Adam Chen runs his car over Patricia Mok’s eldest son “Weijie”. Kang Cheng Xi gets back to Mediacorp and waits outside the reception hall for Fiona Xie to clarify things with her, however, Fiona Xie tells him not to look for her anymore. Patricia Mok and Fiona Xie are at the hospital and the doctor tells them that “Weijie” has to amputate his leg. After getting the water vat, Adam Chen meets up with his “wife” “Paris Newton” and “Hei Ge” at a car park. The couple get “Hei Ge” and his kakis arrested by hiding drug in the car. Adam Chen and “Paris Newton” check into a hotel and try to contact buyer for the water vat.

Episode 30 Part 4:

Patrica Mok and Nelson Chia get very upset over Weijie’s lost leg. The fake buyer turns up at the hotel. “Paris Newton” makes Adam Chen leave with the man so that she can leave alone with the water vat but Adam Chen manages to see through her plot, returns and manages to outfight her for the first time. Paige Chua meets up with her real dad, a lawyer, Hong Hui Fang, Kang Cheng Xi, Fiona Xie, Chen Li Ping and Huang Wen Yong.

Episode 30 Part 5:

The talk at the restaurant continues. Hong Hui Fang insists Chen Li Ping to kneel down to apologise to Paige Chua. While abiding to it, Paige Chua breaks out and confirms that Chen Li Ping is her mum. Chen Li Ping faints after that. Adam Chen returns to find his “grandma” Hong Da Mu to get his passport to realise that his wife “Paris Newton” has already gotten it earlier. The entire neighbours have laid an ambush. While trying to dodge a car, Adam Chen falls but the car has frightened a construction crane operator to release the load which falls right on Adam Chen, which results a horrible death. Luckily, Adam Chen has told his “grandma” Hong Da Mu the whereabouts of the water vat and she returns to the Kopi family. Patricia Mok and Nelson Chia turn over a new leaf and take over Fiona Xie’s previous stall at the pasar malam. Kang Cheng Xi proposes to Fiona Xie.

Apr 16, 2008

屋檐 Recorded Version

We spotted a recorded version of Fiona Xie’s “Just in Singapore” (一房半厅一水缸) main theme song. The quality is really bad.

However, the owner’s effort is commendable.

Apr 15, 2008

替我爱你 - 陈迪雅 [一房半厅一水缸 片尾曲]

Download :

替我爱你 (read: ti wo ai ni)
陈迪雅 Chen Diya
Ending song of Mediacorp Drama Just In Singapore

风轻轻 反动回忆的背景
那想念 像天空一样安静

数不清 多少次曾下过决心
绝总是 被你轻易地喊停

爱情里 我们分两条路前行
再努力 都无法和幸福跟进

以为时间 会删除有你的剧情
它却只是 见到路人的背影

让他替我爱你 是我唯一能给的关心
虽然重头到尾 都没有真正拥有过你的身影

让他替我爱你 是我唯一爱你的途径
我会告诉自己 爱是为了让对方开心

就像一开始 就没让你察觉我的爱情

Beautiful songs do help to create more "feeling" for audience to get into the show. Of course, we need gorgeous actress like Fiona Xie to make audience further indulge into the show.

Apr 10, 2008

Fiona Xie in Swimsuit

Fiona Xie in Swimsuit

Fiona Xie in Swimsuit inside the pool. From the show "The champion".

(Thanks to "Guest~" for identifying)

Apr 7, 2008

Snapshot of Cute Fiona Xie

Snapshot of cute Fiona Xie

Snapshot of cute Fiona Xie at the back seat of a car

Have You Been Inspired by "Just in Singapore"?

"Just in Singapore" is more than just a comedy show. It clearly airs the voices of some less fortunate Singaporeans staying in rented HDB flats. The desires and craving for money create the humours. The storywriter (Hong Rong Di) has created more than just a masterpiece of an entertaining show, which speaks educational values.

The love of the Lin family - Chen Liping (Nancy), Huang Wenyong (Lin Bang), Paige Chua (Carol) and Fiona Xie (Xiuming). Chen Liping's love for her eldest daughter, Paige Chua, overrides her concern for Fiona Xie. Paige Chua may seem to be heartless in her role but she proves her innocence well at the end of the show. Fiona Xie displays her filial well throughout, which tells us that a person's character is not connected to her educational level.

Liang Tian as Kopi Shu, He Bing as Kopi Sao, Ong Ai Ling as Shu Min and Rayson Tan as Jian Hui portrait another family with problem aroused by greed of the children, but eventually they reunite in harmony. Ai Ling's role shows us an extreme case of a rich mum who pampers her son with luxuries. Both the siblings have been taken far from this realistic society.

As far as it is a comedy, of course there involves over-reaction of the actors to stimulate laughers. Patricia Mok (Mary) and Nelson Chia (Robert) create great atmosphere.

1. Fiona Xie is definitely too hot and girlish for a tomboy role although she has done well.
2. The "corridor" in the main scene has face-to-face doors, whereas at other neighbours’ doors, we can obviously see that the layout of the flat is not doors-facing-doors.
3. The "main" corridor during evening time witnesses shadow of the ceiling hitting on the "sky".
4. Kang Cheng Xi's role as Su Ding Yi is quite an argumentative role as it takes some working experience to become a university lecturer, whereas Su Ding Yi is a young lad.

What can we learnt from the show? The value of family is important. Honest keeps a person's mind peaceful…

Hope you have been inspired by the show.

Related links:

Apr 5, 2008

Fiona Xie Peel Fresh

Fiona Xie Peel Fresh advertisement at the bus-stop

Cute Fiona Xie's Peel Fresh advertisement at the bus-stop.

PS: You can snapshot any advertisement of Fiona Xie and send it to us. We greatly appreciate your effort!

Apr 3, 2008

Cute and Hot Fiona Xie

Cute and Hot Fiona Xie on Mediacorp channel 5.

Nobody can control your mind, but she is decent anyway.

Apr 2, 2008

Review for Just in Singapore

A very good review of Fiona Xie's "Just in Singapore" can be found at At this point of time, it is not completed yet, but good enough to see an overview of what the show is about.

For those who have not been watching it, you probably have to get a MOBTV account.

Star Awards 2007 Fashion Show

80 seconds video

Our hot Fiona Xie during Star Awards 2007. With the looks and figure, she can easily outshine any other celebrities in any clothes.


Apr 1, 2008

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Thanks to Huimun for the email.

Thanks to unknown "(:" who does not want to indicate a name for the news and comments.

It would be appreciated if "you" could reduce the number of tags by trying to post them in a single entry (alright... we are not very particular about it for the moment though); it would be very much appreciated if "you" could mind your words even if you have shortened it as "sht" instead. We hope "you" do not intend to be rude as you seem to be helpful and you are probably not an uncivilised Singaporean. We analyse that you are not trying to gain any fame, however, it would be good if you can use at least a fake alias for us to address you easier.

We presume that everyone (fans of Fiona Xie and passers-by) understand the efforts and time spent to create this fan site of Fiona Xie. From designing, coding, information gathering, information architecting, linking and other chores to bring this site up to this standard, we hope you can more or less give us a passing grade. Please pardon us for things we have done wrongly or have not yet done.

This fan site will be gathering all Fiona Xie's stuffs (information, news, photos, videos... etc), including all old resources which some fans and most passers-by have not seen before; sorry to bore other die-hard fans who are much more resourceful. There are still many old pictures and videos yet to be posted and will definitely take some time to be up.

We may not be able to compromise to everyone's request and we would like to apologise in advance. We may not also be able to reply to every tag in the tagboard.

To all kind souls out there, please help us out by continuing to inform us of news, and also sending us pictures and videos which we have not posted. Please also link to us. Credits will be given when requested and we will also do a link return back.

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