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Feb 25, 2008

Reminder for Fiona Xie's New Show – 一屋半厅一水缸

Just in Singapore

Remember to catch Fiona Xie's new show "一屋半厅一水缸" (Just in Singapore) on channel 8 at 9pm this evening! Fiona Xie is acting as Huang Wenyong's daughter and the show is very cute!

Huang Wenyong
Chen Liping
Fiona Xie
Kang Chengxi
Li Yinzhu
Apple Hong
Adam Chen
Rayson Tan
Ong Ai Leng
Patricia Mok
Nelson Chia
Hong Huifang
Lan Qing Xi
and many other experienced part-time actors and actresses

Fiona Xie Running in Bikini in Orchard Road

Have you seen Fiona Xie running in bikini in Orchard Road, the most crowded place in Singapore?

She was filming the show "The Champion" (任我遨游), an idol drama by Mediacorp. It was telecast in 2004. The show stars Taiwanese idol Toro, Yan Xingshu, Qi Yuwu, Julian Hee, Jeanette Aw, Felicia Chin, Fiona Xie and Joyce Zhao, all young actors and actresses. This show also marked Jesseca Liu's acting debut. It received one of the highest viewership rate during the telecast of the show, especially since there were a few semi-nude scenes such as Qi Yuwu stripping on-screen and Fiona Xie and other members of the Flying Fish running down Orchard Road in their bikinis.

The series mainly dealt with the trials and travails of a Singaporean swimming team, the Flying Fish (飞鱼队, which could be a reference to a classic Singaporean drama that also deals with swimming The Flying Fish), and its constituent members. The team is locked in a vicious competition with the Seagulls swimming team (海鸥队), whose superior swimming abilities bred an intense arrogance that shows everywhere within the swimming complex they practice in.

After the Flying Fish lost a bet with the Seagulls, which resulted in the Flying Fish team running down Orchard Road wearing only bikinis, the team's manager hired a new swimming coach to rescue the team from the brink of dissolution. The coach, Alan Jackson (also known as Wu Zhenkang), was very strict about the rigorous training, and this drew massive opposition at first, and earned him the title of "Polar Bear" (cold, uncaring, and "foreign"). However, the team's performance eventually improved, thanks to the training.


Notice in the first part when they strip down the towels, it was pretty cool, like filming old drama show. Our sexy Fiona Xie was actually wearing two layers of bikini because she was afraid that the bikini would fall. Fiona Xie has the hottest body of the four of them!

Feb 24, 2008

Anti Fiona Xie Wan Yu

Sometimes, we wonder why some people hate Fiona Xie. Nevertheless, no one is perfect in this world and every celebrity has his or her own haters.

You hate someone due to jealousy or just simply because he or she behaves or does things that are not within your level of tolerance and understanding.

Please do not deny the fact that Fiona Xie is hot and sexy. You cannot hide the fact that Fiona Xie has one of the greatest figures in Singapore. So much for her popularity, there is bound to be jealousy circulating around.

To many people like us, she is gorgeous, elegant, sweet and cute, but of course, every person sees different things. You may find her “act cute” or “act sweet” but who do you think you are to judge her when you do not even know her?

If you happened to chance upon Fiona Xie in real life and it did not turn up well, do not make assumption. If you think she is stuck up simply because she did not smile at you, you probably need to learn to place yourself into another person’s shoes; she is not a robot and she does get tired at times. Besides, celebrities do have their down time as well because they are not saint.

We are not persuading you to adore her like how we do, though it would be good if you do, but, what we are asking for is for you to not judge a person so easily. She has done nothing wrong to offend you.

Do you anti or hate Fiona Xie? Let us know why.

Feb 23, 2008

Feb 21, 2008

Feb 18, 2008

Fiona Xie's New Series Show on Channel 8

The title of the new series show has somehow changed from "新加坡屋顶下" to "一屋半厅一水缸" (Just in Singapore).

Starting on Monday, 25th February, 2008, it will be shown on channel 8 on every Monday to Friday from 9pm to 10pm.

This new comedy series show casting Huang Wenyong, Chen Liping, Fiona Xie, Kang Chengxi, Li Yinzhu, Apple Hong, Adam Chen, Rayson Tan, Ong Ai Leng, Patricia Mok, Nelson Chia, Hong Huifang, Lan Qing Xi and many other experienced actors and actresses, will definitely fill your evenings with laughers.

Be sure to check out this new comedy series show!

Feb 17, 2008

Fiona Xie Porn Video

Fiona Xie is hot, Fiona Xie is sexy, Fiona Xie is cool, Fiona Xie is elegant, Fiona Xie is gorgeous, Fiona Xie is our fantasy but Fiona Xie does no porn!

We wish to clarify that our gorgeous and hot idol, Fiona Xie Wan Yu, is a very decent celebrity. She has earned her fame by her talent, hard work and her charming looks.

If you have searched for “fiona xie” in Google, you could have seen something like “Fiona xie porn video” related subjects. They are simply some pranks from mischievous people.

Since every human being is a curious creature, they tend to be fooled by the tales easily. “Good things can never spread as fast as rumours” - if you are going to believe that Fiona Xie’s porn or even naked pictures do exist, happy surfing around then and be mocked! Those tricksters would be very happy that you are wasting your precious time.

Hence, stop your wishful thinking that you can find any dirty picture or video of Fiona Xie around.

Feb 16, 2008

To All Fiona Xie's Fans

Please support us by sending us Fiona Xie's videos, pictures and information. You can upload the videos to Youtube and pictures to free image hosting sites like Flickr or Photobucket, and drop us an email at fiona.xie.82[remove-this]

PS: Remove the "[remove-this]" tag when you are sending us an email.

Thank you for all your kind supports!

Feb 9, 2008

Chinese Actress - Fiona Xie Wan Yu

Fiona Xie, at the age of fifteen, was studying in St. Hilda's Secondary when she was spotted by a talent scout. She modelled for numerous print and television commercials in Singapore and Hong Kong before joining MediaCorp as a full-time artiste in year 2001.

Fiona Xie made her acting debut when she was cast as a nurse in the local hit drama series, Growing Up. Her convincing acting landed her one of her most recognisable roles in the sitcom, My Genie. In 2001, she won "Best Newcomer Award" at Mediacorp's Star Awards after just over a year in show business, after overcoming much criticism about her fake American accent.

Of late, Fiona Xie has become known for her talents as a bilingual variety show hostess, in particular of the long-running series, City Beat. She has since hosted other variety shows, such as the photography-based "Say Cheez" for Channel 8, and introducing celebrities' favourite hawker foods in "Coffee Talk and Hawker Woks" for Channel 5. Recently she and actor Ben Yeo also hosted the travel show "Weekend Escapade".

In 2004, Fiona Xie made the news when she had to run with Jeanette Aw, Xiao Qiao and Felicia Chin, in bikinis, along the crowded Orchard Road for the drama series "The Champion". She later admitted in an interview that she wore another bikini underneath.

Besides her work as host and actress, Fiona Xie has also endorsed numerous products because of her popularity with the mainstream population. These range from Marigold juices to Osim massage products.

In 2006, Fiona Xie attempted her first villain role as a spoilt diamond heiress in the drama series An Enchanted Life, starring alongside Yvonne Lim and Pierre Png.

In 2007, Fiona Xie took part in the second season of the Singapore Edition of Deal or No Deal, where her winnings would go to a selected charity organisation. The episode is scheduled to air on November 22nd 2007.


Feb 2, 2008

Pretty Bikini Fiona Xie at the Pool

Have you seen our gorgeous Fiona Xie, in bikini, in a pool, wet, playing with kids?

Do you want to see?
Yes? You have an obsession with her!

Whatever the case, we welcome you to admire her together with us.

Watch it...

Above: Fiona Xie's video uploaded into Youtube, showing her in bikini in a pool, playing with kids. It is one of MediaCorp's variety shows, hosted by her (Fiona Xie) and Ben.

PS: Stop looking into Fiona Xie's boobs. Look at her smile and listen to her sweet voice instead!

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We Love Fiona Xie Wan Yu
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