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Mar 27, 2009

Star Award Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

Hello guys!

Here is a good news!

Fiona Xie is nominated for Top20!Call 1900-112-2036 to support her now.
Voting starts today, 27/03/09 till 26/04/09, 9pm.
The results of the Top 10 will be revealed during the Star Awards 2009, 26 April, 7pm ‘Live’ on Channel 8.

Call now to support Fiona Xie! More details, visit

Mar 24, 2009

Fiona Xie, Ben, Zzen @ Bugis for I-weekly

Fiona Xie (谢宛谕), Ben Yeo 杨志龙 & Zzen (章缜翔) at Bugis Junction for I-weekly 15/3/2009.

Credits: Youtube User - cherry3344

Mar 22, 2009

Hey Gorgeous Final - West Coast Plaza

Event: Hey Gorgeous Final
Date: 07 March 2009
Venue: West Coast Plaza
Judges: Daren Tan, Fiona Xie, Nat Ho

Credits: Youtube user - karenngml

Fiona Xie - Most Beautiful Asian

Youtube picture video by Darren.

Mar 20, 2009

Fiona Xie's BHG event

Place: Bugis Junction, BHG Level 2
Date: 21 March 2009
Time: 3.50pm

Thanks Xue Ting for the update!

Mar 16, 2009

Fiona's Currently Leading!!

As seen above, Fiona won the 1st stage of Most Popular Princess over @, all thanks to Fiona-ticians (a new name that i use to call Fiona Fans) !!!

She'll be in the finals on 24 March 2009 - 31 March 2009.
So, Fiona-ticians, keep on voting for her. Also, all can call as many people as possible to vote, as it is gonna be 'Single Votings method'.
So, we can't keep on 'spamming' the polls.

Once again, thanks for the great efforts

Mar 12, 2009

Fiona Xie's Appearance on I- Weekly Event

Event: I- Weekly
Venue: Bugis Junction.
Date : Sunday, 15th March, 2009
Time : 2pm - 4pm
Artiste Appearance: Fiona Xie, Dai Yang Tian, Alan Tern, Priscelia Chan, Belinda Lee, Patricia Mok, Ben Yeo

Go & Support Fiona, if you guys free..
She will be happy to see her fans there..

Mar 11, 2009

Fiona's Latest Buzz


事源当年某晚,有个寻星节目录影完毕后,公主与工作人员也各自离去。同事刚走不久,就接到FIONA的S.O.S电话,说她被困停车场了。开始还以为是疯狂粉丝所为,后来才搞清楚是怎么回事。原来FIONA 刚考获了驾驶驰照,就很HIGH地驾了她老爸的豪华轿车到公司录影,没想到却不晓得如何把车开出地下停车场。


Aiyoh, just got news that Princess Fiona Xie will guest host a new foodie show with Dasmond Kohon Ch 8…some ‘driving around to look for makan places’ sort of a foodie show. My colleague’s first reaction was: “Huh? Can she do it?”. Nothing to do with her ability as a host but…

There was a night just after the recording of a talent search's show… After leaving MediaCorp, my colleague received a S.O.S call on her handphone from Princess Fiona saying she was ‘trapped’ in the MediaCorp’s car-park. My colleague initially thought it might be the ‘works’ of some fanatic fans…but found out that it was not lor… Princess Fiona just gotten her driving license and she happily driven her Dad’s car to MediaCorp and forgotten how on earth to drive it out of the basement car-park!

My colleague guided her step-by-step out of the car-park and since Princess couldn’t recognize her way back home, she ended up trailing behind my colleague’s car who snailed-driven it back toFiona's home. Unless she has already become an expert in driving, it must be a crazy idea to put her behind the wheels again…haha…

Fiona Xie pictures - Armed Forces Job Fair - 2

fiona xie army job fair - 9 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 10 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 11 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 12 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 13 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 14 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 15 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 16 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 17 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 18 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 19 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 20 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 21 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 22 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 23 - from xueting

fiona xie army job fair - 24 - from xueting

Another set of Fiona Xie pictures from Xue Ting.

Mar 10, 2009

Reply to Zhen Hao on New Fiona Xie Website

Hi, i am known as ZH.

I am not sure if you would actually like to combine force and make up a new FC for Fiona. But the benefit of combine force would be much better.

Things will be more easier, but it also difficult to combine forces.

Because we are still not sure, which is the official FC and who is the president.

So yeah. Anyway we don't have much time left. As Star Awards is coming soon, we need to gather all the fans that we know that can vote for Fiona.

So yeah. I have actually done up the website, just some touch-up and editing. I can actually release the webs already.

Sorry for my poor english, as i failed my english. But i hope you understand what I wrote. :D

Dear Zhen Hao,

Thanks for your thoughts in doing up another website for Fiona Xie. I’m sure she would appreciate your efforts.

If you want a combined force, would be pleased to have you and other fans to help out in updating our website; anyone who can prove his or her sincerity would be given the chance.

If you do a search for Fiona Xie in Google, appears on the second, a position below Wikipedia (at current point of time). Its takes quite some time and definitely lots of efforts to achieve that. I mean, you do not worry about gathering the fans because they probably would have dropped by this website.

With the approaching of Star Awards, we would be encouraging the fans to vote for Fiona Xie. After all, those fans who are willing to do it would have voted without any persuasion.

By the way, in our previous reply/entry for Ben, we have mentioned that Fiona Xie does not have an official fan club yet. Therefore, please do not trouble over who is the president or which is the official fan club, because they do not exist at this moment.

Do not worry about your language because it is not as bad as what you think.


Mar 4, 2009

Fiona Xie Pics

[credit to cryder from mediacorp forum for the awesome pics]


Answers to doubts

This is to the Moderators of Fiona Xie's Fan Blog, as well as, Fiona Xie's Yahoo! Groups.

if you, by any co-incidence came across this page, please put my questions into consideration.

we now have 2 fan site, one being the Blog, the other, Yahoo! Group.

1st question, which is the offical website?
2nd question, is there really a Fiona Fan Club going on? Or are we just supporting her with whatever we have, in other words, using individual strength?

From what i know, other fan clubs are starting to plan how are they going to support their idols @ SA'09. but i guess its gonna be quiet here.

from what i see, i only saw one 'offical' fan site, which is, which seems rather died

erm, so, moderators, time to work with each other?? maybe?

i must apologize that i can only give my opinions here, and i cant do much, as im being constraint by my parents. but dont worry, 'll break free soon.

anyway, sorry for my quite 'serious' speech here, as this problem had been pestering me for a while, and i need to get it clarified.

Thanks =P

Dear Ben,

Thanks for speaking up. does not claim to be Fiona Xie's official fan club. In fact, we are sad to say that to our knowledge, Fiona Xie does not have any official fan club yet. It would be great if anyone can stand up and start forming one for our gorgeous princess; would be in full support of the fan club if Fiona Xie approves of it.

For a little information about, we consist of anonymous people who simply love Fiona Xie, and also choose to love her in silence. We are pleased to have Fiona Xie's friend among us, such that we are able to get inside news and pictures sometimes.

We would be pleased if there are volunteers to help us with the updates of this blog, to grab Fiona Xie's latest news, pictures and videos from all Media such as Television, Magazines, Youtube, Forums, Radio Stations etc. Please kindly drop us an email if you are interested.


Mar 1, 2009

Fiona Xie Pictures at Armed Forces Career Experience 2009

fiona xie picture at armed forces career fair 2009 - 1
fiona xie picture at armed forces career fair 2009 - 2
fiona xie picture at armed forces career fair 2009 - 3

Sunday, 01 March, 2009 at Takashimaya

Did you take some pictures of the event as well?

If yes, do send them to us.

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We Love Fiona Xie Wan Yu
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