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Mar 30, 2008

Fiona Xie Singing at Navy Open House 2007

Fiona Xie Singing at Navy Open House 2007 - Picture 1
Fiona Xie Singing at Navy Open House 2007 - Picture 2
Fiona Xie Singing at Navy Open House 2007 - Picture 3
Fiona Xie Singing at Navy Open House 2007 - Picture 4
Fiona Xie Singing at Navy Open House 2007 - Picture 5
Fiona Xie Singing at Navy Open House 2007 - Picture 6
Fiona Xie Singing at Navy Open House 2007 - Picture 7

Fiona Xie Singing at Navy Open House 2007.
She's too cute and gorgeous!

Wondering why was she invited to all the army, navy performance?
She's the dream girl of MANY MANY MANY army guys.

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Fiona Xie's Drama - An Enhanced Life 钻石情缘 - Love Introduction

Fiona Xie's year 2006's work.

Yvonne Lim returned to our small screen as a betel nut babe whose life took a complete turn after she acknowledged her long-lost father in Singapore, incurring the wrath of her half-sister, played by Fiona Xie in her first bitchy role. Also starred Pierre Png, Adam Chen, Bryan Wang Yuan Li, Ong Ai Leng, Chen Shucheng, Jin Yinji and Hong Huifang...

Fiona Xie proved her acting skill once again in a very different role.

Mar 29, 2008

Hot Fiona Xie in Bikini on Channel 8

Our gorgeous and hot Fiona Xie with Florence Tan (Chen Xiuli) in bikini on channel 8.

Anyone knows what's the programme name? Feel free to update us!

Gorgeous Fiona Xie

Gorgeous Fiona Xie

Gorgeous Fiona Xie.

Mar 26, 2008

Fiona Blames Her Pimple Outbreak on Liping's Saliva!

Press conference at Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore's pictures:

Fiona Xie at Press conference - picture 1
Fiona Xie at Press conference - picture 2
Fiona Xie at Press conference - picture 3
Fiona Xie at Press conference - picture 4
Fiona Xie at Press conference, acting tomboy
Fiona Xie at Press conference - picture 6
Fiona Xie at Press conference - picture 7

Press conference at Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore's videos:

Fiona: People couldn't recognise me!
Fiona: I'm actually a tom-boy!
Fiona explains in exasperation
Watch Fiona's imitation of Liping!
Fiona: Papa, I love you!

Drama's Pictures:

Fiona Xie Just in Singapore drama - picture 1
Fiona Xie Just in Singapore drama - picture 2
Fiona Xie Just in Singapore drama - picture 3
Fiona Xie Just in Singapore drama - picture 4
Fiona Xie Just in Singapore drama - picture 5
Fiona Xie Just in Singapore drama - picture 6
Fiona Xie Just in Singapore drama - picture 7

Just in Singapore's main site:

Mar 25, 2008

Hot Fiona Xie Makes You Bleed

Hot Fiona Xie with Sweet Felicia Chin

*see no evil*
*see no angel too*

Hot Fiona Xie makes you bleed, and together with sweet Felicia Chin, you probably might land in the hospital.

Mar 24, 2008

Fiona Xie's Latest Star Search Programme

You are the one - female semi finalists

You are the one - male semi finalists

You are the one - 唯我独尊.

"You are the one" is a star search competition to search for new face to represent Mediacorp Channel U. There are currently sixteen semi-finalists.

You can vote for the contestants by SMSing but the judges make an equal share of voting power.

The six judges are 郭亮 (Guo Liang), 权怡风 (Quan Yifeng), 钟琴 (Kym Ng), Pornsak, 詹金泉 and our gorgeous 谢宛谕 (Fiona Xie)!

Catch this new thirteen episodes show on channel U at 8pm, every Monday, from 24th March 2008 (TODAY!) onwards.

Fiona Xie and Moses Lim in Shrek

Fiona Xie and Moses Lim in Shrek

Fiona Xie and Moses Lim in Shrek.

8 Days magazine. CUTE!!

Mar 23, 2008

My Genie (我爱精灵) by Fiona Xie (谢宛谕)

Fiona Xie is the dream genie of every guy ever since she appeared as the genie in "My Genie" (Mandarin sitcom) in Mediacorp channel 8 in year 2001.

Fiona Xie - My Genie - Picture 1

Fiona Xie - My Genie - Picture 2

Fiona Xie - My Genie - Picture 3

Fiona Xie - My Genie - Picture 4

Fiona Xie - My Genie - Picture 5

This cute, "blur", kind and extremely sexy genie (Fiona Xie) almost caused flooding all over Singapore. With a very clean and sweet look, and also a fantastic figure, Fiona Xie managed to swap thousands of hearts since the airing of “My Genie”. That was when most of the Chinese got to know her and also started to fantasize about her.

She was awarded "Most Popular Newcomer" (最受欢迎新人奖) and also "Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes" (十大最受欢迎女艺人) that year (2001).

Nevertheless, every popular artiste eventually will have his or her own supporters and haters. Fiona Xie has her fair share of "anti Fiona Xie" club members. Some people criticise her for being a "bimbo", while others simply jeer at her acting skill. Her obvious flaw is her lack of frequency in the Chinese language.

We beg to differ. With only physical factor, it can never take an artiste so far.

Fiona Xie's Wallet Was Stolen (Year 2005)

Fiona Xie's wallet and credit cards stolen

"Thief swiped credit cards of partying TV actress"

"He and girlfriend used Fiona Xie’s cards to buy two branded watches worth $4,100"

"Cashier become suspicious after they bought a pen and two more watches"

Most people probably do not know the fact that Fiona Xie's wallet was stolen. She left it inside her bag, which was left on a seat at the former Liquid Room dance club at Robertson Quay.

The thief was a marketing executive, who left the nightspot with his 24-year-old girlfriend and went shopping happily at Mustafa in Little India. He managed to elope with more than $8,000 of products using Fiona Xie's credit card but was caught and jailed.

Mar 22, 2008

一房半厅一水缸 - Paige Chua's Scene

Fiona Xie's sister, Paige Chua aka Cai Qi Hui aka Xiuzhen aka Carol, in the show 一房半厅一水缸 (Just in Singapore).

In story:
Lin Bang’s wife Nancy (Chen Liping) runs a shrine and they have two daughters. Their eldest daughter Xiuzhen (Paige Chua), a university student, is pretty, intelligent, and carries a torch for Su Dingyi (Kang Chengxi), a handsome and stylish young man from a wealthy family. She is ashamed of her parents, and thus, reluctant to let anyone know about her family background. Therefore, she forges herself is from a wealthy family so that Dingyi will not despise her, which she is wrong because Dingyi is never such a guy.

More details of Paige Chua:
- 26 year old with a degree
- Former Glamour Quest model contest 1st Runner-up
- International model, been to Hong Kong, Thailand etc
- Appeared in many ads and magazines, including men's magazines
- Acted in many short films for directors such as Royston
- Currently with Mannequin models

Fiona Xie is Married

Fiona Xie in wedding gown, looking gorgeous

Not really.

But our gorgeous Fiona Xie looks lovely in the wedding gown, standing besides Dasmond Koh.

Mar 20, 2008

Fiona Xie's Casio Advertisement Photo / Poster

Fiona Xie's Casio Advertisement Photo / Poster

Fiona Xie's Casio Advertisement. This photo doesn't look like her actually.

What do you think?

She looks so fine anyway. Hot and gorgeous forever!

Mar 19, 2008

DJ Fiona Xie

DJ Fiona Xie

Hey hey! Loyal supporters of 938, it's Fiona Xie on the house!

Mar 18, 2008

Fiona Xie in Seventeen Magazine

Fiona Xie in Seventeen Magazine wearing bikini inside
Above: Fiona Xie in Seventeen Magazine cover page wearing bikini inside.

The combination of hotness and cuteness bring out our gorgeous Fiona Xie's uniqueness.

Beautiful girls remain sweet 18 each year, but Fiona Xie stays sweet 17.

Mar 17, 2008

Just in Singapore 一房半厅一水缸 Theme Song

屋檐 (Wu Yan) by 亦迅 Yi Xun

老旧的三轮 繁忙的店
就这样一步一步 踩出明天
清脆的叫卖 攒动的脸

就这样一来一往 每天上演



At this point of time, you probably cannot find this lyric anywhere online. The hardworking team of We Love Fiona Xie Wan Yu site have managed to type out the lyrics ourselves. Please credit to if you are going to use our hard work. Meanwhile, enjoy this joyous song from the Mediacorp current show Just in Singapore - (一房半厅一水缸, read as Yi Fang Ban Ting Yi Shui Gang).

Nancy - Chen Liping
Lin Bang - Huang Wen Yong
Lin Xiu Ming - Fiona Xie
Su Dingyi - Kang Cheng Xi
Lin Xiu Zhen - Paige Chua
Auntie Auto - Li Yin Zhu
Ma Zhigang - Adam Chen
Mary - Patricia Mok
Robert - Nelson Chia
San Wan - MC King
Qian Qian - Apple Hong

Pinkie Fiona Xie

Pinkie Fiona Xie
Above: Fiona Xie in pink top looking sweet and feminine.

Source: Mediacorp website

Mar 16, 2008

Fiona Xie loves Campus Superstar

Fiona Xie loves Campus Super Star
Above: Fiona Xie holding a handwritten paper, saying that she loves Campus Superstar.

Fiona Xie loves Campus Superstar, and so, how about you?

Mar 15, 2008

We Love Fiona Xie Wan Yu Site Revamped

Dear Fans of Fiona Xie, thanks for your support all these while.

We have revamped the blog with one of Fiona Xie's hottest pictures as the top banner. For our effort, please continue to support us. Send us Fiona Xie's photos and video links, and all her updates.

Any comment about the new site design?

Rule 1 - Fiona Xie's Photos

Fiona Xie and Yu Wen Le
Fiona Xie and Yu Wen Le - 2

Photos: Rule #1 - Fiona Xie and Yu Wen Le

Mar 14, 2008

Just In Singapore 一屋半厅一水缸 Episode 6

Just In Singapore (一屋半厅一水缸) - Episode 6
Very bad quality though.

Paige Chua (Xiuzhen aka Carol) taking part in beauty contest, wearing bikini (Woof!). Sexy Fiona Xie as cheerleader (Xiuming) together with Huang Wenyong and Chen Liping. Funny!

Mar 13, 2008

Fiona Xie - Just in Singapore <一房半厅一水缸> Picture Video *Exclusive

Picture video with many photos from Fiona Xie's show "Just in Singapore" (一房半厅一水缸), including pictures from the press conference. We can get to see many angles of our gorgeous Fiona Xie through the pictures.

Mar 10, 2008

Fiona Xie's Television Series Show - A War Diary (战争日记)

Fiona Xie - A War Diary

A War Diary (Chinese: 战争日记) was a Singapore English television series produced by Dream Forest Productions in 2001. It was aired on MediaCorp TV Channel 5. A total of 20 episodes were released. The series was nominated for four Asian Television Awards in 2002, including Best Drama Series.

The story takes place at the start of the Battle of Singapore and during the Japanese occupation. A Chinese family, having survived the battle of Singapore, now struggles to survive under Japanese rule.

Ping Hui Tay as Lim Teck Meng
James Taenaka as Lt. Kenji Kinoshita
Winston Chao as Resistance Leader
Kheng Hua Tan as Lim Swee Neo
Fiona Xie as Rita
Carole Lin as Bee Lian
Aaron Aziz
Samuel He
Keagan Kang
Robin Leong
Yu Beng Lim
Tony Quek
Jomar Staverløkk
Tracy Tan

"This is the story of a woman who loved and bore the child of her Japanese husband only to be fall into the darkest depths of despair as one by one, her children are taken away from her. This is the story of a young Japanese officer who marched into Singapore in victory but left a totally humbled man after he discovers a past that his father has concealed from him. A War Diary is the story of a family and a country. It's about reaching into one's soul and rising above adversity. It's a story of hope."

Official website: Dream Forest

Mar 8, 2008

Fiona Xie's Rule #1 Movie - more updates

Rule #1 Poster

Also Known As: Rule #1 (Singapore: English title)
Parents Guide: Add content advisory for parents
Country: Singapore / Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin / Cantonese
Certification: Singapore:NC-16
Filming Locations: Hong Kong, China

Budgeted at S$3.2 million, Rule #1 is a supernatural thriller about a young cop, Sgt Lee (Shawn Yue) who has a near-fatal encounter with a vicious serial killer, during which he is convinced that he witnessed a ghostly occurrence. He places that in his incident report which causes his transfer to the mysterious Miscellaneous Affairs Department (MAD).

MAD is a two-man special police unit that handles supernatural cases. Inspector Wong (Ekin Cheng) is the boss who tells Lee that the number one rule to remember is that there is no ghost in this world. As time goes by, Shawn Yue notices that most of their cases seem to be genuine hauntings, and that Ekin Cheng seems to be hiding the facts of the existence of ghosts. A series of suicides begin, and as Shawn Yue delves deeper, he begins to retreat further into himself, neglecting his home and girlfriend (Fiona Xie).

Rule #1 starts off very interestingly, with a long, drawn-out but very intense sequence in a car park. However, in the midst of the movie, the story takes a turn that requires a huge suspension of disbelief by the audience. But if you're willing to go along for the ride, the film can be somewhat rewarding. There are some great ideas, like the truly creepy screaming swimming pool. But it's the characters and the occasional effective humour that are really the winning points of the film, as the scares are pretty much standard fare (long hair, sudden loud jolts, etc). While the entire story rests on the theme of assumptions and that what you see and hear is not always the truth; it also basically revolves around men who are having women problems. What Kelvin Tong presents is a very dark, very bleak, very depressing men's world, where sometimes the most sincere effort to connect can prove disastrous. At times, the film might be regarded as somewhat morally confused, but the big twist at the end justifies much of what went before.

Fiona Xie's MV - Song - Bai Nian (拜年)

Mediacorp (channel8) Chinese Lunar New Year MV..

Qi Yu Wu
Jeannette Aw
Fiona Xie
Felicia Chin (Cheng Jing Cuan)
Julian Hee

Mar 6, 2008

Fiona Xie's New Horror Movie RULE#1 Trailer

Rule#1 is a new horror movie, which is a joint production of Singapore and Hong Kong, starring Ekin Cheng, Shawn Yue, Fiona Xie, Stephanie Che etc. The film is directed by award-winning Singaporean director Kelvin Tong, who is also the director of the famous movie "The Maid". The filming was done in Hong Kong.

"(In) this film, we deliberately worked with people from different parts of Asia, in this case with Hong Kong. (We) sort of throw everything up in the air and have something that is fairly unique that we can call as close to our own," said Daniel Yun, CEO of Raintree Pictures.

Comments from Youtube's viewers:

"doesn't look scary, but it has lots of style"

"I enjoyed Tong's 'The Maid' and am looking forward to seeing this and his previous pic 'Men in White.'"

"Opening scene was corny. Yep."

Mar 4, 2008

Sexy Fiona Xie with Jacelyn Tay

Sexy Fiona Xie with Jacelyn Tay

Sexy Fiona Xie with Jacelyn Tay, taken probably at Mediacorp. So gorgeous.

Mar 1, 2008

Fiona Xie Kissing...

Fiona Xie poses kissing Desmond Koh

Above: Picture of hot Fiona Xie poses kissing Desmond Koh (Xu Zheng Rong), Ben was inside the picture as well. This picture was taken causally without any special lighting. Our gorgeous Fiona Xie looks very cute here.

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