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Oct 29, 2008

Oct 25, 2008

Calefare Ep 12: One Star Calefare

A local entertainment magazine gives The Road To Liberation a terrible review. Woody and Huay Huay send Joleen off on a mission to meet with the reviewer (En Lai) and score points for the show by loosening him up. Unfortunately, after her attempt at dinner, the review gets worse instead of better. Andy decides to tag along on their next date to find out why

Oct 21, 2008

"My 7 Princesses"

A pictorial video done by Youtube user to show her "7 princesses"
Fiona Xie is among her princesses.

Oct 18, 2008

Episode 11: The Calefare who wasn't there

At the end of a late night shoot, Kak Pon and Hamsome find a notebook with the names of several actors and directors on it, the first four of them mysteriously crossed out. They soon discover that the first four people listed in the notebook died strange and tragic deaths. The Calefare must find out the origin of the notebook, before the next person on the list meets his end: Andy.

Oct 17, 2008

永远吃不肥 Buffet Buffet

fiona xie - buffet buffet

节目名称/Title: 永远吃不肥 Buffet Buffet
集数/No. of Episodes: 13
播映日期与时间/Show Time & Date: 每逢星期四晚上8点 Every Wed 8pm

Episode: 3
主题/Theme: 点心/Dim Sum
艺人评判/Celebrity Judge: 谢宛谕 Fiona Xie / 杨志龙 Ben Yeo

第一站/1st Stop:
Plaza Singapura

第二战/2nd Stop:
Marina Mandarin Hotel

第三站/3rd Stop:
Pan Pacific Hotel

Oct 15, 2008

Fiona Xie - Best In Asia - new travel show

fiona xie - best in asia

A Brand new travel show on Channel 5!

It is a show that takes you around Asia unraveling the Best Asian experiences based on recommendations by anybody who has visited the city or experienced the specialty of the city and wanting to share them with us.

It culminates in a 13 episodes television series hosted by an MediaCorp artiste Utt and 3 roving reporters; the bubbly Fiona Xie, dashing Oli Pettigrew and Mohini Sule.

Episode 1 - ADVENTURE

Sky Diving – Perth : Fiona Xie
Climbing – Vietnam : Oli Pettigrew
Rafting - Malaysia : Mohini Sule

Oct 13, 2008

Fiona Xie's Picture in Youtube

This is a video consisting of some babes which the owner thinks are pretty. The last picture is Fiona Xie.

1. Juliet Simms
2. Juliet simms
3. Edie Sedgewick
4. Imogen Poots
5. Maria Kirilenko
6. Samaria Armstrong
7. Fiona Xie

Oct 12, 2008

2008 Presidents Star Charity

Please remember to catch the Presidents Star Charity on Mediacorp channel 5 now!

Oct 11, 2008

Episode 10: The Great Calefare Scandal

The Calefare are called back to the set when production on The Road To Liberation resumes. When the guest star of the week, Maximus, leaves his laptop lying around on the set, the Calefare cant help but take a peek inside. They are shocked to discover embarrassing photos on the laptop. Before they can return the laptop to its original place, the cast and crew returns; now Andy and company have to find a way to replace the laptop before they get into trouble on their first day back! Guest starring Utt.

Oct 10, 2008

2008 Presidents Star Charity - Fiona Xie, Daren Tan

President's Star Charity 2008, Sunday, 12 Oct, 7.30 - 10pm

Encore Telecast on Saturday, 19 October at 5.15pm.
Simulcast on TVMobile.

For donations,
Lines open: 21st September (Sunday) @ 6pm
Lines close: 18th October (Saturday) at midnight

1900-112-8821 ($5)
1900-112-8822 ($20)
1900-112-8823 ($100)

For more information, visit Mediacorp's website.

Oct 9, 2008

Poll: Which male celebrity is most comparable with Fiona Xie?

In finding the Mediacorp male celebrity who is most comparable with Fiona Xie, the current poll results are as following:

01 黄俊雄 Elvin Ng 13% (20 votes)
02 王禄江 Bryan Wong 10% (16 votes)
03 戚玉武 Qi Yuwu 9% (15 votes)
04 郑斌辉 Tay Ping Hui 8% (13 votes)
04 翁清海 Vincent Ng 8% (13 votes)
06 张耀栋 Zhang Yao Dong 7% (11 votes)
06 李国煌 Mark Lee 7% (11 votes)
08 李铭顺 Christopher Lee 5% (8 votes)
08 许振荣 Dasmond Koh 5% (8 votes)
10 葛米星 Gurmit Singh 4% (7 votes)
10 曹国辉 Terence Cao 4% (7 votes)
12 陈汉玮 Chen Hanwei 4% (6 votes)
12 陈之财 Edmund Chen 4% (6 votes)
12 王田裁 Thomas Ong 4% (6 votes)
15 苏智诚 Cavin Soh 3% (4 votes)
15 周初明 Chew Chor Meng 3% (4 votes)
17 李南星 Li Nanxing 2% (3 votes)

If you have not yet casted your vote on the male celebrity which you think is most suitable, do it now!

Oct 7, 2008

Calefare Episode 9 Trailer - Calefare Play Ball

Huay Huay gets the Calefare jobs on a new beach volleyball drama she is working on, set in Sentosa. However, Joleen and Kak Pon get off on the wrong foot when they mistake the stars of the show for fellow calefare and insult them. The two stars subject Joleen and Kak Pon to a painful orientation.

Meanwhile, Andy and Hamsome become the target of an island-wide manhunt when Andy is mistaken for an escaped convict who looks exactly like him!

Guest starring Priscelia Chan.

Oct 6, 2008

Calefare Episode 8 Trailer - Dinner and Calefare

When there is a sudden shutdown on the set, the Calefare are left with nothing to do for the evening. Hamsome invites them over to his father's house for dinner, and the group reluctantly accept. However, they are in for a shock when they get to the house and realize that Hamsome's father, a loanshark, is conducting a recruitment exercise that night and Andy has been drafted!

Guest starring Richard Low and Jimmy T.

Oct 3, 2008

Mediacorp Channel 5 Station Trailer

Starring: Fiona Xie, Jade Seah, Gurmit Singh, Michelle Chong, Utt, Adrian Pang, Michelle Chia

Oct 2, 2008

Fiona Xie's Room in My Heart - 真心密语

Title: Room in My Heart - 真心密语
First airred: year 2004

Starring: Fiona Xie (as Happy 开心), Qi Yuwu, Pierre Png, Chen Hanwei, Belinda Lee, Xia Lingling, Chen Shucheng, Mai Haowei, Jack Choo, Huang Shinan, Li Yinzhu, Patricia Mok.

This show is currently repeated (second rerun) on Mediacorp channel 8 at 11pm since 8th September.

(this video might have high chance to be removed in future)

Oct 1, 2008

Unavailablility of Some Fiona Xie's Videos

Just a note in case you didn't pay attention to our tagboard:

Some of the Youtube videos may no longer be around already since the user who uploaded them is being deleted.

Thanks zeromethane for highlighting!

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